Nu EcoSafe Strip provides a solution for the safe dust free removal of lead-based paint.

Nu EcoSafe Lead-Based Paint Removal & Encapsulation System

The Nu EcoSafe Strip range of non-caustic and non-hazardous strippers offers a solution for the dust free removal of lead-based paint so as to not contaminate your worksite. The resulting liquid paint waste can then be encapsulated in Nu EcoSafe EcoZorb to enable safe disposal without risk of the paint drying out and creating a secondary hazard. A complete workplace and environmental solution for both applicators and building inhabitants when confronted with the risks associated with lead-based paint removal.

Just as paint with high lead content is acknowledged as a risk to health so are traditional chemical paint and coating strippers that have been produced over the years that can only be described as harmful to both the environment and to the general health and safety of workers. Government regulations are now forcing all users to seek less harmful alternatives to the harsh and toxic chemicals used in the past.

Chemical Stripping is now the preferred method for the removal of lead-based paint, under Worksafe & the Surface Coating Industry codes of practice.

Nutech Paint's Nu EcoSafe Strip range of preparation products provides the alternative that industry is seeking. Not only are the range of Nu EcoSafe Strippers highly effective at paint removal but they don't produce harmful toxic vapours and are non-caustic which eliminates burns to skin and face that are hazards to applicators. The adsence of toxic vapours also makes them an ideal solution when working in confined spaces with reduced air circulation.

There are 3 types of Nu EcoSafe Strip paint stripper products:

  • Architectural Stripper
  • Industrial Coatings Stripper (Sacrificial remover)
  • High Performance Stripper

Each is a brushable water-based paint stripper that is biodegradable, non-toxic, user-friendly and environmentally safe. Extremely effective in removing the toughest industrial coatings like epoxies and urethanes from metal, concrete, wood, masonry and brick.

The EcoSafe Range of Strippers are an extremely effective, water-based paint removal solution that can even be applied by airless sprayer when working with large surface areas. Our range of Paint Removers are exceptional for the safe removal of lead-based paint. In combination with our Nu EcoSafe EcoZorb we can offer a complete & safe paint removal system for lead-based paints.

Nu EcoSafe Strip EcoZorb

Is a non-chemical, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, odourless dry encapsulate. EcoZorb changes the way liquid and semi-liquid spills and liquid waste are treated in domestic, industrial and commercial environments. EcoZorb is environmentally safe and completely eliminates the need for water to be used in the rapid encapsulation of spilled liquids in domestic, commercial or industrial situations. The product also captures odours or vapours which may emanate from liquids, safe to dispose of in landfill in accordance to your local EPA regulations.

More details on the complete range of Nu EcoSafe Strip preparation products can be found within the Nu EcoSafe Strip product section.

Nu ecosafe strip range of strippers